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Net Documents provides a Web-hosted document management service utilizing cloud computing, which allows secure management, collaboration, and protection of work on documents. Designed for use by legal professionals and business, their software incorporates organization and search capabilities and a redundant online backup service.
TimeKM is the preferred Best of Breed solution for leading law firms who recognize the importance of timely capture and management of time inventory in the success of their legal practice. TimeKM integrates with all major time and billing/practice systems - making it a seamless interface for users. Unlike traditional time entry systems, TimeKM delivers a total tracking environment designed specifically for the work habits of the busy professional, while addressing the business challenges of the modern firm. Its simplicity, scalability, extensibility, and integration platform allows firms to capture more with less effort, while better managing the firm's most important asset - Time.
BEC Legal
BEC Legal Systems is a professional services organization focused on the technology and software needs of law firms and corporate law departments. With over 20 years of experience in the legal technology industry, we provide best-practice and real world solutions to meet the needs of today’s ongoing workflow challenges in the law firm.
Since 1995, Interwoven is a global leader in contact management solutions that unlocks the value of content. Interwoven’s software and services enable organizations to effectively leverage content to drive business growth by improving the customer experience, increasing collaboration, and streamlining business processes in dynamic environments.
Workshare is a global leader in information security software. Workshare enables businesses and individuals to easily control and manage information securely. The software is used by individuals and organizations of all sizes to prevent data loss, improve document collaboration, and meet compliance requirements. Workshare helps organizations increase productivity and protect their confidential information; ultimately securing their brand reputation and customer relationships.
World Software’s philosophy is simple: Performance, No excuses. World Software is not only a technology provider but a solutions provider. As such it provides software and support with a problem-solving mindset. Document management must work to the customer’s advantage; anything that falls short of full usability is unacceptable. A good document management system functions smoothly in a changeable and demanding environment, integrating not only with one or more operating systems but with dozens of unrelated programs, from word processors and spreadsheets to backup and antivirus utilities.
Esquire Innovations, Inc.
Esquire Innovations, Inc., a leading provider of Microsoft Office integrated practice management software services and applications for the legal market, counts more than 500 law firm and in-house council clients utilizing its applications. Esquire Innovations has been developing, supporting, and selling document creation, formatting, re-purposing, comparing, and metadata management software applications in the legal industry since 1999.

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